The two Russian ships, capable of carrying tanks and armored vehicles as well as troops for coastal assault traveled through the Bosphorus Strait in Turkey on Saturday.
  • New York Post
  • Apr 18, 2021

Russia reportedly adds to military muscle in Black Sea region amid US tensions - New York Post

Russia continued to ramp up its military presence in the Black Sea over the weekend as two more warships and 15 smaller vessels moved to the waterway amid heightened tensions between Washington and M… [+1875 chars]

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Hidden debug mode for AirTags found in iOS 14.5 - 9to5Mac
  • 9to5Mac
  • May 06, 2021

A user on Reddit has found a secret debug mode for the AirTags Precision Finding interface, seemingly out of frustration. Alex Magri-Olson discovered that tapping on the name of the accessory four times makes a secret debug menu appear, which was clearly used…...